The Ugly Truth

The primary reason why hotels and resorts continue to successfully sell timeshares is ignorance.   Ever notice how these places specifically target tourists, or people who have no idea how timeshares work?

Here's the part that EVERY salesman will surely leave out...  The resale market.

Sadly, a timeshare IS completely worthless, it's the ugly truth to this dirty scam.  Every new timeshare owner quickly learns they have been ripped off and further realize they are stuck with it.  Stuck because the documents they sign are for a contract that lasts for not just your lifetime, but for every future generation.

It gets even more depressing to discover that people are so desperate to get rid of their timeshare burden that they are willing to donate or give it away for nothing.  In the worst situations, you'll find people PAYING someone to take it off their hands.

Exposing the truth in timeshare and vacation ownership scams.
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