Timeshares are not Real Estate

The salesman will convince you that a timeshare is real estate.  In fact, the entire process centers around an illusion that you are buying actual property, an investment.  The documents you sign are similar to what you would sign if you were buying a home.

Perhaps the salesman may mention how this property's value has increased over the last few years.  He may throw in some numbers showing the "previous" purchase price, hoping to get you excited about how much value this property could gain in the next few years. 

It all sounds legit, but this is where the Great American Scam begins.   The item you are investing in varies between resorts and hotels.  After all, their are many ways to pull off a scam/ripoff.  The more elaborate ones try to sell ownership in an organization or company created specifically for that purpose.  Some go as far as presenting you with a title deed.

Exposing the truth in timeshare and vacation ownership scams.
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