Best Way to Buy a Timeshare

If your absolutely set on purchasing a timeshare, you've already read-up and educated yourself, and you know 100% about what your getting into, you could save thousands by purchasing a timeshare from an existing owner.

FACT: 99% of timeshare owners what to get rid of their timeshare.  It's a financial burden with no investment value.  You could buy a time share for just a few dollars, or get one for FREE.

Like timeshares themselves, the resale market is filled with con-men.  By following these simple rules, you could save yourself a lot of grief:

  1. Never pay upfront for anything.
  2. When searching for timeshares online check the website's reputation.
  3. Try and meet with the seller in person
  4. Find out what it is you are buying (deeded property, company ownership, etc...)
  5. Determine if their is anything owed on this timeshare
  6. Determine the maintenance and tax fees.
  7. Research the timeshares home resort.
  8. Research any membership requirements, fees
  9. If possible, get an attorney to help you out with paper work.

Even with the attorneys fees, the price you pay for a timeshare from an existing owner will be tens of thousands of dollars less than if you purchase directly from the resort.

If you are in the market for a timeshare, or are an existing timeshare owner, visit our online timeshare market place.

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